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Hardwood Cleaning

Hardwood Cleaning

Residential and Commercial Hardwood Cleaning in Glenview, IL

Hardwood floors add elegance and charm to both homes and businesses. As the time goes on, hardwood floors accumulate spots, scuffs – which become dirty. After all, you might want to keep your hardwood flooring clean and looking good. So, get it cleaned and conditioned periodically by certified hardwood cleaning services in Glenview, IL of ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Pro. Our cleaning specialists use specially designed equipment and cleaning products to deep clean hardwood floors. Though mopping and sweeping can help you keep your hardwood floor looking alright, common cleaning methods can’t even match that our professional hardwood cleaning services in Glenview, IL provide. Instead of moving dirt and dust around the floor, we strive to eliminate the debris properly with thorough cleaning leaving clients with vibrant and sparkling hardwood floors. 

Hardwood And Tile Floors Cleaning Services

What Makes Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Different from Others-

Our hardwood cleaning services in Glenview, IL are all-encompassing. We use different cleaning procedures best suiting different kinds of hardwood flooring to extend the life of your hardwood, tile and vinyl floors. We at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Pro remove minor scratches, daily wear and tear on flooring services in the most efficient and quickest way as possible. Upon hiring us to clean your hardwood floors in Glenview, our hardwood cleaners perform following processes, like:

  • Thorough inspection of floors and checking the areas that need immediate attention.
  • Vacuuming floors for the removal of stain and dust particles.
  • Using high quality cleaning tools to loosen mopping residue and dirt in your floor.
  • Utilization of microfiber cloth to clean the edges and corners of hardwood floors.
  • Applying well-proven cleaning agent to clean the floor, giving a shiny finish and clean look.
  • Again conducting inspection to make sure the floor is cleaned properly.

If your home or business needs immediate care and cleaning for hardwood floors, please hire hardwood cleaning services in Glenview, IL of ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Pro as soon as possible. Rest assured that we’ll get back to you in no time. For immediate availability, call us today at 847-724-9800! 

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