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Hoarder cleanup servicesLiving with a hoarder – or knowing someone who suffers from hoarding – can take an extreme toll on mental health and the health of the property. Our hoarder cleanup services involve restoring the home back to pre-hoarding conditions, and we are certified to handle potentially hazardous materials that are often found on a hoarder’s property. In other words, not only can we declutter your home, but we can also clean it in a way that removes any health hazard that may be present.

Our services include:

  • Identifying lost valuables in the clutter
  • Removing hazardous waste and other debris
  • Recycling and shredding unwanted materials
  • Organizing possible item donations
  • Helping to ship any items to family or loved ones
  • Documenting the process for government agencies, attorneys and other parties

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Pro also understands the reasons behind why hoarding happens in a home. This is why we have developed a three-step process to fully address the underlying hoarding issues:

  1. Identifying & understanding the full picture: We will work with the families and loved ones of hoarders to organize a plan that addresses the underlying reasons behind the hoarder’s tendencies. This means that we might coordinate with a therapist or other parties to fully address the issue. We also work to build trust with the hoarder and proceed at a pace that is comfortable for him or her.
  2. Planning & cleaning: This is the “do it” phase. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Pro will fully handle the hoarding cleanup process, including organization, donation, recycling and disposal of materials.
  3. Following up: After the home is cleaned and restored, we will do a short-term follow up with the hoarder and his or her family to see if the home is being maintained, or to identify if he or she needs further assistance in cleanup. We also help the hoarder and his or her family to create a plan that will help maintain the home. This step also includes possibly coordinating with a therapist or other parties to ensure that the hoarder is being helped in the best way possible.

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