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Fire Damage Tips And Steps

Fire Damage Tips And Steps

What should you do after experiencing fire damage in your home?

Fire damage can wreak havoc on your property – ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Pro understands the importance of quickly responding and reversing as much damage as possible. From our experience, it is imperative that an expert assesses the scene within 72 hours of the fire, or else the risk for experiencing irreversible damage increases.

Here are some of the most important things you can do after your home or business experiences fire or smoke damage:

  1. Once everyone is safe and immediate danger is taken care of by authorities, CALL SERVICEMASTER IMMEDIATELY. 
  2. Many insurance plans have excellent fire damage coverage – coordinate with your provider to receive the most possible help and assistance.
  3. If the temperature is above 60 degrees, open the windows and doors to your home to air out the property and smoke.
  4. Clean porcelain and aluminum surfaces to prevent permanent damage – DO NOT clean other surfaces without professional help. This will cause irreversible damage to your valuables. 
  5. Dry clean smoke-damaged clothing. ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Pro can help you locate a cleaner that specializes in fabric damage from smoke.
  6. Cover important items to prevent soot particles in the air from clinging onto surfaces.
  7. Discard any food items that may have been affected by the fire.
  8. Talk with an expert to see if you need to change the air filter on your furnace.


The aftermath of a fire disaster can be overwhelming and hard to handle – in all of the chaos, you can trust ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Pro to have your back and help you restore your peace of mind®. Contact us today.

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